St. Chapelle / by Lisa Abaya

      I have always been intrigued by the fluidity of color, the way it seems to change based on its context to light. Various times of day seem to affect the same object so that it can appear dark yet vibrant, or highlighted and subdued. Location also seems to alter color; certain landscapes house varieties of vibrant colors effortlessly, while other places manage only a limited spectrum. It has been my interest to capture these various light experiences. 

    Old churches create a unique light experience, using moderation to create a profound effect.  The most visually stunning experience in my life was entering Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. The architecture of this building is composed of colored light. Within the chapel, the viewer walks through darker space towards the watercolored light. These paintings emulate that path, a transfiguration of thought and a connection to our spirit, obliging the viewer to think of the unseen world. There is wonder to art and its processes, and a mystery within this calling to create. My art reflects the trials, search and revelation as I grasp for truth and a sense of place in this world.